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Heroes Holder Benefits
  • Heroes NFTs unlock benefits for rugged, dead, and useless NFTs!
  • Each hero can unlock from 15-100 NFTs in a connected wallet (based on rarity)!
  • Earning allowance only involves Heroes NFTs, not other NFTs!
  • Earning platform is non-custodial, no NFTs locked up!
  • Rarity of Heroes NFT determines number of NFTs in connected wallets for rewards!
  • Linking Ethereum and Polygon wallets will be allowed, other chains to follow!
  • Adding multiple Heroes NFTs increases rewards!
  • Users can earn double rewards if their main wallet has NFTs!
  • Earning for rewards with other projects!
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Villains Holder Benefits
  • 25% discount to mint the Heroes Collection!
  • Stake NFTs to earn $HERO token!
  • Own giveaways and raffles!
  • 10% royalties from Heroes Collection!
  • 30% royalties from third and subsequent collections!
  • Royalties paid monthly!
  • 20% share of mint income from third and subsequent collections!
  • 20% profit from AirBNBs!
  • Stay for a weekend once a year in any of our AirBNBs!
  • Own Villain and Heroes NFTs and get our third collection free!